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Yoga Adobe, a studio for all ages!  Come revel in a deep sense of calm as you ground your energy through the earth, extend your heart to the universe and center your awareness within.  Nurture your inner wisdom in this supportive haven using the time honored tools of pranayama*, asana* and dhyana*.  Enhance inner peace, focus and balance through the use of visualization, mantra and relaxation.  Yoga Adobe welcomes students of all ages, sizes and experience with a variety of classes.  We begin at the beginning with Prenatal Yoga, offering a unique opportunity to connect to the magic and art of giving birth.  From there we progress through Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me, offering both parents techniques to forge that special bond with their new infant.  As your child grows they may establish a lifelong foundation for well-being through storytelling, music and movement; increasing focus, self-esteem and respect along the way.  Teens will discover the potential offered by the timeless art of yoga which may provide a buffer for peer pressure, increasing confidence and strength while guiding them into adulthood.  Adults who practice yoga may notice a marked decrease in stress, improved sleep and increased flexibility - both physically and mentally.  Seniors benefit from gentle movement and conscious awareness of the inherent beauty of their personal journey.  Restorative Yoga brings the potential of vibrant rejuvenation to practitioners across the lifespan, allowing us time to sink deeper into release and spirit as we connect on a new level.

*For those of you not inherently familiar with the language of yoga, please don't be intimidated - a knowledge of Sanskrit is not required to benefit from your practice.  The term Pranayama means breath control.   Prana means specifically breath or life force.  Ayama means extension, as prolonging the duration of the withheld breath is thought to prolong life.  The ultimate purpose of pranayama is to control the movement of the mind.  Asana refers to the physical postures used in yoga which have been designed to facilitate the ability to sit in meditation and connect with your inner wisdom.  Dhyana means meditation - said to be the highest virtue, the highest purity.  Meditation may also be explained as a natural continuation or deepening of concentration. For the ancient yogis, meditation was held in value above intellectual knowledge.

Additional tools we use are Visualization - a process that can guide your personal journey.  You may chose to script your own visualization to empower your growth.  Mantras - the repetition of a particular word or short phrase - may facilitate tension release and increase focus.  Relaxation will be experienced at the end of each session, giving the body time to integrate release on a deeper, more personal level.

Join me on the path.  Follow the links to class schedules and descriptions to determine your best fit at Yoga Adobe.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!





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